Hi, my name is Alex, creator of Big Grillie Style.


It all started with my love for food. I knew I had always wanted to get into food, however it never seemed possible with the high costs of owning a restaurant. So whilst working as a teacher I saved and researched. In 2015 I took the leap, I left teaching and started Big Grillie Style as a street food vendor with limited funds but a burning desire to offer quality food.


Big Grillie Style quickly built up a cult following and we became obsessed with researching techniques for cooking burgers. Burgers are a serious business; there’s science behind the method of cooking in every recipe we create. The level of juiciness, flavour content, cooking temperature and duration need to be exact each and every time one of my burgers is created. It goes without saying, we only use grade A ingredients to ensure the freshness and quality. This results in Big Grillie Style offering the best burgers in the UK.


Here at Big Grillie we’re always experimenting, whether it’s using Frazzles, gravy or pulled pork fries as toppings! However, everything is there for a reason, balance of flavour, texture or spicing. We don’t do gimmicks. Everything we do is for you, the eater. We live this, so you that you can love it.

You can now find us with our best mates 'The Drawing Room" in Bramhall and Didsbury  who also offer the best cocktails the 'burbs have to offer. We're also in Town via delivery on Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.


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Big Grillie Style